3 of 52: Winter

On the only night where it snowed here in Virginia, I thought to myself – now or never! I grab my camera, tripod, remote, put on shoes and my coat and step outside a bit after midnight and delicately walk through the puddling water in our back yard and find myself crunching on the first snow I have seen in over a year. I set everything up and aim my camera towards the street light in an effort to capture the fluffy snow flakes falling with light wind guiding them to the ground.

Ummm…. where did the snow go? Is that rain?!


The weather channel had said it would only snow for a day but it was only snowing for a bit and already began to rain so in fear that I wouldn’t get a shot of the snow falling I turned my camera to the trees behind our home. Let’s just say I have acclimated to VA because I normally take well over twenty shots and only took four of this tree before getting so cold I wanted back in the house. I now wish I had taken my time but lesson learned for next time…



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