Introducing 2013’s Project 52

A few months back a friend challenged us to do the September Photo Challenge on Facebook (click here for posts), so when that was don’t we had a photography group sitting there idle. I asked if anyone wanted to join me in doing a Project 52 and there seems to be a few that are happy to join in.

Let me be frank, with my current lifestyle and goals set out for this year there is no way I could ever do a Project 365…not to mention I have failed the two years I tried before so committing to one photo per week for fifty-two weeks seems much more realistic. I also looked  up then edited some themes that other photographers have done and will be using them this year so that I can continue to grow in my journey of photography.

Below I have listed the themes for each week and so hope that you choose to join in on the fun. You can contact me here or on Facebook if you want to join us. All is welcome!



6th: Self-portrait

13th: Sparkle

20th: Winter

27th: Close up


3rd: Indulgence

10th: Love

17th: Animals

24th: Shoes


3rd: Blurry/OOF

10th: Fragile

17th: Urban

24th: Make Believe

31st: Moody


7th: Backlight

14th: Humor

21st: Details

28th: Rain


5th: Opposites

12th: Sign

19th: In the Kitchen

26th: Eyes


2nd: Silhouette

9th: Candid

16th: Passion

23rd: Flowers

30th: Once Upon a Time . . ./Fairytales


7th: Celebrate

14th: Color

21st: Summer

28th: A Different Perspective


4th: Haze & Flare

11th: Laughter/Giggles

18th: Feet

25th: Water


1st: Street Photography

8th: Motion

15th: Glamour

22nd: Childhood

29th: Textures


6th: Reading

13th: Shadows

20th: Hugs & Kisses

27th: Night


3rd: Candy

10th: Black & White

17th: Lips

24 th: Thankful


1st: Woods

8th: Bokeh

15th: Joy

22nd: Home

29th: Reflection

Majority of the ideas (but not all) came from:


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