Day 5: Taken From a High Angle

Let’s just say as a short person this was a task that couldn’t be done without a telezoom lens, coffee table and the arm of the couch! yeah… I am that short because truthfully it still doesn’t look like I am taking this photo from high above her does it? (don’t answer that!) Next time a ladderis a must… I have already put it on my list for when the day comes and I get to meet with families to take their pictures but somehow I totally forgot about

it today until my husband broke it out for his photo. Oh, that right… he is joining on in on the September Photo Challenge fun!!

E was taking a photo of me while I was of her… other than asking her to lower her camera I didn’t ask her to post in any other way and I love everything about her pose. Had I asked her to smile I am pretty sure I would have ended up with something more of a grimace/smile. Note to self- stop asking the kids to pose!!!

Anywho, SOOTC this shot had some clutter that was on the floor which I cleaned up with editing and simply boosted the contrast a tad to get the depth I wanted in the BW version. So happy with the BW version than I was with the color, it just took it to a different level. Also, When I edited the photo to have a love seat parallel instead of crooked to the floor I found the image simply fell flat. This is probably why I love to edit images so much! By messing around with a few details it can really change the photo and bring to life more than what you maybe had imagined.




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